Production Guarantee

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ESA’s Solar Power Production Guarantee

1MW Martins Creek is Producing 20% More Than Initially Projected (see chart below)

The Solar Power Production Guarantee Program provides the customer with a promise that ESA will maximize the installation’s energy output and the customer’s return on investment. The production guarantee promises compensation, the difference between guaranteed and actual energy generated annually, in the event that a system fails to reach ESA’s annual projected levels of energy production. The guarantee reassures customers that the installation will be monitored constantly to ensure that it is operating at full capacity.

The graph above depicts the produced and estimated energy for the Martin’s Creek solar installation. The purple line illustrates the guaranteed energy that ESA warranties through the Solar Power Production Guarantee program.


“ESA is one of the only companies to offer a solar power production guarantee of this type.We stand behind our solar energy projections whether or not we constructed or commissioned the solar farm.”
–Lindsay Herold, Chief Operating Officer of ESA Renewables