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Having an O&M company that can service utility scale and commercial photovoltaic systems takes much of the stress out of the equation. Not only can this type of company perform the necessary scheduled maintenance, they also will manage anomaly alerts, make system repairs, evaluate network voltage and frequency, monitor and report on energy production, and other critical factors related to the solar array.

16 Potential O&M Issues

* Perimeter Fence Damage
* Ground Erosion
* Transformer Leakage
* Various Inverter Damage
* Broken Conduit
* Combiner Box Damage
* Vegetation Overgrowth
* Cell Browning/Discoloring
* Panel Shading
* Shorted Cell
* Natural Damage
* Vandalism Damage
* Defective Tracker
* Racking Erosion
* Unclean Panels
* Animal Nuisance

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Best Practices for O&M

An O&M agreement provides a working plan to cover repairs, protect warranties, and perform preventive maintenance. To ensure a facility is operating at optimum efficiency and not losing money, an O&M provider will generally install a monitoring system to not only keep a close watch on all of the arrays working components to achieve maximum performance, but also to analyze and report on energy production, trend costs, produce quick budgets on site and more.

Having an O&M agreement for a solar farm is a must. Paired with a monitoring system, many of these issues can be prevented and energy production maximized. If you are an asset manager in need of an exceptional O&M company, contact ESA Renewables.