Asset Management

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Asset Management

ESA’s asset management services enable investors and site owners to maximize ROI and retain long-term value. ESA understands the importance of increasing the revenues generated by a solar site while reducing the cost of the energy produced. To maintain an asset to the highest industry standards, it’s vital to have a cost effective, structured approach to ensure predictable energy productivity and a reliable revenue stream over a solar system’s lifespan.

ESA’s objective is to provide the best possible service to the customer through a combination of financial, engineering, and technical management. Our engineers and technicians are qualified and certified to work on all components of a solar system on site. Expertise gained through the management of over 500 solar sites worldwide has enabled ESA to implement highly customized asset management strategies. Upon assessment of an individual site, a tailored asset management plan will be created.

ESA Asset Management Services:

Site Services
An accurate site assessment is the key to realistic expectations for project performance. It also has a significant impact on project finance through a rigorous analysis of the solar resource at a project site.

• Site assessment
• Product/equipment review
• Interconnection analysis and testing
• Energy auditing
• Real time analytics analysis
• Identification of current and potential risks

Operations & Maintenance Services
Through comprehensive O&M service, ESA is able to immediately recognize and resolve underperformance issues. ESA maximizes energy production, optimizes operations, and proactively restructures financial and capacity obligations.

• Operational performance evaluations
• Benchmarking
• Long-term capacity factor projections
• Power quality analysis
• Warranty management
• Pre-warranty expiration evaluations and inspections
• Optimization of corrective action
• Incident reporting
• Performance reporting
• Stock inventory management

Financial Services
ESA strives to create the most cost effective and long-lasting financial model possible for a solar system. Investors, owners and public stakeholders can find peace of mind in the customized financial plan prepared for each site.

• Financial and portfolio analysis
• Future cost predictions
• Trend costs and projections
• Expense tracking (O&M, insurance, operational costs, etc.)
• Management of financial agreements and compliance requirements

ESA provides a long-term, reliable and clean solution to maintaining your sites top performance. The ESA Renewables Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.