Mechanical Preventative Maintenance

Providing Turnkey Solar Solutions

Mechanical Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Services frequency: twice per year or when needed

• Inspection of DC disconnects /combiners for blown fuses / corrosion/ heat distortion /
moisture entry / insect or rodent issues
• Inspection of grounding continuity between frames and racking structure for each module.
• Inspection of array for broken, loose/missing modules, loose racking hardware,
unsecured wiring or MC connectors
• Inspection of roof structures for damage/ moisture entry points
• Inspection of weather station components & verify operation with operations center
• Verification of module cleanliness
• Check for corrosion between copper wires and PV frames and galvanized steel racking structure
• Check condition of plastic wire ties and the insulation materials between wires and metal
edges in the array
• Inspection of array for build-up of debris
• Inspection of any wire runways, sealing holes which would allow insect/rodent ingress
• Note presence of vegetation (weed growth) and any need for removal
• Inspection of wire runs / piping / conduits

Necessary corrections are made to solve any issue.
Analytical reports are generated on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis for the customer.