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An In-Depth Look at ESA’s O&M Services

ESA offers the essential elements for implementing a total operation and maintenance program. ESA’s proprietary operation and maintenance management system organizes preventative and corrective maintenance, task assignments, report generation, budgeting, stock inventory and document management. The software is customizable to the customer’s unique needs and allows the customer to have access to review the status of the ongoing operation and maintenance work on each site. ESA manages the operation and maintenance platform more effectively, as well as more efficiently manages the technician’s time and reduces the overall costs of O&M.

The O&M software enables engineers to make value-based decisions supported by continuous evaluation of real-time, historical, and weather data generated directly from the site through the proprietary monitoring system, which assists in virtually monitoring the site. In addition, ESA also has O&M teams strategically placed at each location in the US to more effectively service and maintain the site according to best practice industry standards. All personnel conducting operations onsite are ESA technicians who are certified to carry out all installations and maintenance.

The highly functional, web based interface of the O&M software, in addition to infrared thermal imaging and the Solar Power Production Guarantee, allows ESA to focus on maximum energy production, the highest returns on investment and long-term asset value. Due to ESA’s diligence and attention to detail in every facet of energy production, many installations are currently producing 20% more than projected.

The O&M system transmits all information through a central server which can be accessed through any internet format. The customer is privy to important diagnostic analysis data from their specific site. Customer convenience and ease of access is a key component in efficient O&M services.

Our Key O&M Services

Preventative Maintenance
The preventative maintenance focus is on predicting failures, maintaining equipment, and ensuring the site’s tasks are performed according to schedule to effectively manage time and capital.

The overall operations of the site are run automatically; however, preventative maintenance work must be conducted to ensure the system is generating maximum energy output. All components of the system are inspected and crucial adjustments or replacements are made to prevent the possibility of an out of service installation.

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Mechanical Preventative Maintenance
Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance
The corrective maintenance focus is on responding to incoming alerts to evaluate and, if needed, restore the site to optimal working condition, maximizing financial and energy returns.

Incoming alerts, signaling system damage or problems, are documented in work orders so that site technicians can immediately correct the issue. Alerts are triggered automatically by the ESA proprietary monitoring system software alarms and can also be generated manually by the user. Technicians troubleshoot issues through alarm evaluation, site visitation, supplier contacting, and replacement or restoration of damaged parts. An event report is generated for the customer following the completion of every work order, which indicates the original problem and the updated status.

Infrared Imaging IR imaging is a crucial diagnostic tool in maintaining the electrical performance, efficiency and reliability of the sites electrical equipment. Infrared light is used to analyze and measure thermal energy emitted by the PV modules and inverters. Ineffective cells produce high levels of heat, which are detected as hot spots in the IR thermal imaging. By detecting these anomalies, corrective action can be taken before costly system failures occur.