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Monitoring Videos

ESA understands the importance of proper operation and immediate attention to maintenance events at a photovoltaic energy plant. To be in full command of all the working facets of a solar farm, ESA developed its proprietary monitoring system. Complete with an easy to use web application interface, ESA’s robust monitoring system can be integrated into any size solar installation and allows for simplified, centralized, reliable and secure data management for solar power plants as well as other renewable energy systems.

Not only does this proprietary monitoring system track energy produced from each installation, it also stores historical data which ESA can monitor from anywhere in the world. Because of this immediate and responsive system, ESA engineers can make calculated adjustments to further benefit customers and maximize energy production.

“If a system goes down, our monitoring system sends various alerts and is able to locate the issue down to the string line. This high tech monitoring system allows engineers to be immediately aware of and react quickly to make and needed adjustments.

–Lindsay Herold, Chief Operating Officer, ESA Renewables.

The dashboard and synoptic screen is where you will find all of the solar sites that are available to the user along with information about each site. The weather station can also be viewed on the synoptic screen. Weather data includes wind speed, global irradiance, temperature, cell temperature, and a two day forecast.

The inverter screen is where you will find all of the detailed information about the inverters such as active faults, warnings, and parameters. Real time values such as power AC, voltage DC, current DC, and energy are also displayed.

The power meter screen displays active and reactive energy, harmonic distortion, and meters for voltage, current, power, and power factor. In addition, plots for power, irradiation, voltage, and current are also shown.

The energy report screen allows the user to view and generate energy reports. A table is also displayed with initial, final, and balance energy for the inverter and power meter. Global radiation is also included for additional assessment.

Active and past alarms can be viewed on the alarms screen, as well as a description and additional information for each alarm.

The export screen allows the user to export any data that is recorded by the monitoring system. This screen also allows the user to organize the exported data by a desired date range.