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Providing Turnkey Solar Solutions

Independent Energy Services

Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with renewable energy projects is critical for developers, lenders and investors. We firmly believe that before a potential owner or investor buys any solar system, the owner’s facilities or site should be evaluated to determine if a solar system is feasible and if it makes economic sense. ESA Renewables can provide comprehensive independent energy assessments and due diligence services to the solar industry because of our proven track record of past projects and experience in the Renewables energy field. The key to future success lies in understanding plant performance, what drives it, and attention to detail during operations.

ESA Renewables also specializes in third-party site assessments, development pipeline & risk reviews, and large portfolio reviews for solar projects in various stages of the development pipeline for acquisitions and appraisal of assets.

Due Diligence services:

• Detailed Site Surveys
• Independent Assessment of Resource and Expected Energy Production
• Evaluation of Expansion Considerations
• Review of Plant Design
• Review of Grid Interconnection Plan and Design
• Review of Supplier and Contractor Qualifications
• Comprehensive Report on Findings with Supporting Data
• Operations & Maintenance Program Review

Asset Management

Accurate energy assessments are the key to realistic expectations for project performance and have significant impact on project finance through a rigorous analysis of the solar resource at a project site. ESA Renewables provides bankable long-term energy production statistics and probabilities for proposed solar plants.