Solar Financing, Engineering, Procurement and Construction

ESA Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services

ESA’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy solutions to customers around the world. Offering “turnkey” working systems due to the set structures ESA has in place, we are able to provide a complete spectrum of services for projects from viability studies to commissioning.

Wingate 1MW Solar Installation

Complete Services

ESA is capable of managing a project through financing, engineering, procurement, construction and beyond, ESA’s team of experienced experts can provide:
• Viability Studies
• Financing
• Permitting
• Project Development
• Engineering
• Construction

Single Point of Contact

As an inclusive EPC provider, ESA is able to retain their position as a single point of contact for all solar energy needs. ESA’s in-house team of experts strives to produce top-notch and innovative solar designs by selecting components based on highest standards in reliability, extendibility and low failure rates. ESA’s comprehensive experience ensures cost effective engineering solutions for even the most complex projects. ESA has the ability to deliver projects on-budget and on-time due to their immense experience providing global EPC services. This absolute efficiency and organization guarantees accelerated investment recovery in the long run.

Simple EPC

• Minimum Owner Effort
• One Point of Contact
• Simple, Uncomplicated to Monitor and Coordinate
• Straight-Forward Post-Commissioning Services
• Quality Assurance
• Owner Not Affected by Market Rise
• Investment Figure Known from Inception


An EPC contract is a complex undertaking that involves various agencies and many integral components. ESA Renewables far outshines other solar plant EPC contractors for one simple fact. ESA is bank owned. This has enabled ESA to secure financing and engage our expertise to bring our solar farms online rapidly which have resulted in more than 500 solar installations globally.

ESA Delivers

• Complete Scope of Work
• Project Duration and Expectations
• Quality Products and Workmanship
• Cost and ROI Projections

“ESA carries the project risk for schedule as well as budget in return for a fixed price. We are committed to each customer, to quality installations, and to making going solar an effortless experience.” – Lindsay Herold, Chief Operating Officer of ESA Renewables