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Navigating the Permitting and Design Process of a Solar Project – The proper installation of a solar array provides system owners with a renewable source of energy for several decades. The process of getting from conceptualization to installation, however, can be a grueling one if not managed correctly. From permitting to project design, maintenance, and monitoring, many factors must be evaluated and steps implemented for a successful solar installation. –by Maureen McHale

Renewable Energy Monitoring Systems – A complete tool to visualize, analyze and manage power plants. To ensure maximum performance, reduce system downtime, and make informed decisions as to Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services, renewable energy monitoring systems are being installed at Photovoltaic (PV) solar, wind, hydropower and other types of renewable energy power plants. Thanks to the monitoring system, system managers can be in full command of all the working facets of a renewable energy power plant. –by Maureen McHale

Not All O&M Agreements Are Alike – Solar energy installations are extremely reliable, but like any piece of equipment with an expected life span of more than 30 years, they need to be well maintained. A customized Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan that suits the needs of the asset managers, owners, and investors ensures the highest performance levels throughout the systems life cycle. However, not all O&M agreements are alike. –by Maureen McHale

Anything Can Go Wrong on a Solar Farm – Maureen McHale presents 16 of the potential failures or damages that can occur on a solar farm and how they could impact operations if not addressed in a timely manner. –by Maureen McHale

Engineering Successful Solar Projects: Under unique climate & environmental conditions – Not all solar power projects are the same. From climate conditions to a site’s landscape and terrain to certain environmental factors, each project has its own unique set of challenges and considerations. And, perhaps not surprisingly, there are various materials, equipment, and technologies that better perform under certain solar installation site conditions. Engineering counts from day one of a project’s development, and knowing which components work best—those that properly adhere to local building codes, permitting requirements, and environmental laws—are key considerations for any successful solar developer looking to expand and diversify in today’s market. –by Brittany Szafran

Benefits Beyond Electricity – Intersolar Award winner: A school PV project has provided an example of what PV can deliver, both to a school and local community, but also in financial support to the school during challenging financial times. ESA Renewables’ Brittany Szafran sets out what makes the award-winning installation special.

Renewable Revolution – According to the declaration of Heraclitus, “The sun is new each day.” The modern era has seen a proliferation of new practices intent to harness solar potential and provide sustainable solutions that will renew capabilities in terms of energy efficiency and affordability. In that industry, ESA Renewables has emerged as an international leader.