Central Florida Residents Organize Solar Bulk Purchase from ESA Renewables

solar bulk purchase

After a competitive bidding process, the group of homeowners selected ESA Renewables, LLC, to install systems for all of the participants.

Sanford, Fl., October 25, 2015 – ESA Renewables (ESA), an industry leader in providing turnkey solar solutions, is pleased to announce ESA Renewables has been selected as the company to install solar panel systems on Orange County residents homes as part of a bulk solar purchase.

FL SUN, Orange County and the League of Women Voters Florida have organized more than 220 residents in the area to go solar together. After a competitive bidding process, the group of homeowners selected ESA Renewables, LLC, to install systems for all of the participants. Organized with the help of the Orange County Government and the League of the Women Voters of Florida, the collaboration is enabling participating homeowners to install solar panels on their homes at discounted rates.

Florida-based solar provider ESA Renewables’ experience and history of success was the major deciding factor in their selection. Participants in the program will have their own system installed through individual contracts with the company.

“Millions of Americans are realizing that solar power is not only environmentally friendly, but also a smart financial decision for their family,” said Daniel Ros, CEO at ESA Renewables. “We look forward to helping so many Orange County residents take charge of their energy needs as we work together to power their future. The collaboration between ESA, FL SUN, Orange County Government and the League of Women Voters of Florida presents a promising opportunity for Central Florida and we are proud to be part of the joint efforts to move towards sustainable energy.”

The bulk purchase program will be open and available to new participants through November 30. Participation is open to all Orange County residents. Visit to learn more about solar and to sign up to join the group.

“This is the fourth bulk purchase we’ve helped organize in Florida in the past year and we continue to be amazed by enthusiasm we’ve received from homeowners,” said Angela DeMonbreun, FL SUN Program Director of FL SUN. “Going solar as part of a group makes the process much easier to navigate. Participants can rely on each other while saving money.”

Residents interested in joining the co-op can sign up for more information at Joining the co-op is not a commitment to purchase panels.

About ESA Renewables, LLC
ESA Renewables has positioned itself as a leader in the industry providing a wide variety of services to solar PV systems worldwide. ESA activities include project financing, EPC, commissioning, monitoring, O&M, third party engineering, production simulation and development. With headquarters in Castellon, Spain, ESA has additional offices in Florida, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Italy. For more information about ESA Renewables, LLC, please visit or call 407-268-6455.