ESA Wins Intersolar AWARD

The Intersolar Award recognizes projects, both large and small, which utilize advanced technology, incorporate aesthetic and architectural concepts and exemplify outstanding services and products.

ESA was presented the Intersolar AWARD for Solar Projects in recognition of its Martins Creek Elementary School Solar PV project which demonstrated strong innovation.

ESA Renewables’ Martins Creek Elementary School installation in Murphy, North Carolina (US) is one of the largest solar farms on school grounds in the US at 999 kilowatts (kW). The system, which covers 5 acres (~2 hectares), benefits not only the elementary school but the surrounding community as well. The system produces 20% more energy than initially projected: 1.3 million kWh of electricity, or the power needed by 150 average-size homes. The community benefits through the system’s educational monitoring system, as well as through the rural jobs generated by the project. In addition, a portion of the PPA funds generated by the project go back to the school and equate to keeping approximately two school teachers employed annually.